Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Hollow Siliconized Conjugate Polyester

At times, customers ask me what we mean by describing our pillow forms as made with "hollow, siliconized, conjugate, virgin polyester fiber". As much as it sounds like a bunch of jargon, here is a brief explanation of what it all means:

Hollow: This means that it traps the airl; in other words this is what gives the pillow forms their loft and shape.

Siliconized: The polyester fibers are coated with silicon. In cheaper fibers, the silicon coating is not used and this causes the fibers to stick together. Silicon coating allows the fibers to slide over each other.

Conjugate: Conjugate polyester fibers are twisted, giving it extra resiliency and bounce, allowing it to last long and fill pillows up with a strong loft factor (fill power).

Virgin: This means that the fiber is made from all new, non-recycled polyester fibers only.

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