Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Pillow form sizing chart bolster sizing chart what size to buy

bolster pillow sizing chart  pillow forms

what size pillow form to buy what size pillow insert to buy   use the chart a s guide please consult with your designer or decorator as well

pillow insert sizing chart
pillow forms sizing chart
what size pillow insert to buy

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Serplab SEO Rankings Tool

A shout out to our new favourite program, serplab. We were looking for a tool to measure our rankings for certain terms on our website and found this. Serplab is so beautifully laid out that the program works near flawlessly to provided us everything we want in a "Search Engine Results Page" with way more features then we could have even imagined. Not only is this program great as it is but it is constantly being updated by the developers, who as it turns out take customer recommendations for updates and upgrades of the program.
As a website with lots of different products it is curtail for us to know exactly where we are on the search engines pages for the common key terms. This helps us invest our time and energies into trying to rank for the key words where we are already strong as well as improve our rankings for the ones that rank lower.
Why stop at one? We have multiple websites and we can now measure our rankings and statistics for ALL our sites on the same program. We just add all of our sites and set the desired keywords for each specific site.

We highly recommend this program to anyone trying to make their mark on the web. This tool will help you figure out exactly which terms you are strong in and which you should try to boost with SEO.

Thanks Serplab, keep it coming!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Estimating polyster stuffing requirements using polyester fiibre

Here is a typical  chat request that prompted the article below - sopme names and details have been changed for privacy

Chat transcript:
I am needing to stuff 27 24"x24" pillows. These pillows are being used for a Dance Production that dancers will be sitting on and carrying around the stage. So I am not needing to have them super stuffed. How many pillows would the 51b bag stuff?      How many pillows would the 51b bag stuff?
(12:08:58)  Customer Service pls hold 1 sec  about 2 pcs
(12:09:12)  Visitor Ok...thanks
(12:10:53)  Customer Service -we fill 24x24 with 2.1 lbs
(12:11:03)  Customer Service- and the are quite fiirm
(12:12:35)  Visitor Great...trying to figure out which is more cost effective the filling or the forms.
(12:13:02)  Customer Service -ur call , it could be part of the project for the troupe
(12:13:34)  Visitor Yes it sure could. Thanks for the info.
(12:13:50)  Customer Service if u need a coupon for our site let me know
(12:14:08)  Visitor That would be great!! Can you email it?
(12:14:33)  Customer Service -ok send us an email with the name of your organization
(12:15:23)  Visitor I will do it right now. I am a parent so will give you my email address and the name of our dance academy.
(12:15:47)  Customer Service great we will put the coupon 10% in name of academy
(12:15:56)  (12:16:21)  Visitor Ok sounds good. Thanks so much for your assistance.
(12:16:29)  Customer Service bye

polyester fiber being blown into bags
how we blow the polyester fiber unto large bags

large bag of polyester stuffing before shipping opr packing
large bag of polyester fiber 15-30 lbs ( 30 lbs is same size but tighter)

polyester fiber compressed before it is placed in cartons or picked up
compressed polyester stuffing before it goes into the shipping carton
cartons of polyester stuffing before loading on truck
polyester fiber leaving the warehouse

A regular sleeping pillow uses 1.8 pounds of polyester stuffing,
A decorater pillow 18 inch square uses 1 pound

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Many uses of polyester fiber filling

            Polyester filled pillows are very soft and comfortable because of the lightweight and uniformly spread poly fill, which is used in these pillows. This polyfil stuffing is available online and can be delivered home at reasonable prices and in desired quantities. Bulk poly fill can be purchased reasonably cheap with great volume discounts available on most online sites.

            Polyester fiber stuffing, which is conventionally used for pillow filling, is used for a variety of purposes because of its lightweight and uniform quality. Poly fill can be used as soft toy stuffing and also can be used to make Christmas decorations as well as for summer projects. In fact, a lot of great ideas like animal face pillows, hanging planets and stars made out of poly fill can be made using polyester stuffing in these shapes.

            Various cute toys and teddies for the young and old alike can be made using polyester filling. Some summer projects using poly fill stuffing also use the stuffing to create the effect of snow or depict waves in a landscape used for display. The use of poly fill in these projects is entirely based on the imagination of the user and there are no limits to what can be created using the same.

            I think it is definitely time you worked up your brain imaginatively to let your summer project ideas using polyester fiberfill come to life.  Bring them to life and you will find many who will appreciate your imagination.

Uniform and light polyester filling

Great discounts on bulk purchase 

Friday, March 9, 2012

Mattress protectors breathe in a new life in your mattresses

Mattress protectors for me are a must for all my mattresses because of the protective and hygienic covering, which they provide to the mattress. It is not only the look and the quality of the mattress, which the protectors retain, but it is also a lot of ailments like asthma and other allergic conditions, which these protectors keep at bay.

If you have babies at home who are constantly wetting beds or children who are prone to getting you beds into a mess then waterproof mattress protectors are the best options that you can look at. The other options, which are relatively cheaper, can be in the form of mattress covers and mattress pads, which give protection and also give a nice comfy feeling to the mattress.

What you need to look for in a good mattress protector is the quality of the fabric and also the elastic on the sides because of its ability to latch on to the mattress. Low quality elastics don’t hold on and you will almost always wake up with a mattress protector, which has come off the mattress.

Excellent mattress protectors, mattress covers and mattress pads are available online and are delivered to your doorstep. The prices, which they are available at, are also great and I was very happy with the waterproof mattress protectors that I bought online.

We can definitely get some good protection for our mattresses with good mattress covers, but mattress protectors actually go beyond this regular degree of protection. Water proof ones are excellent and are a must have if you have babies at home or if you are even simply looking to keep you mattresses in great shape.
Quilted mattress protectors are comfortable
Beautiful quilted designs on mattress protectors

Monday, March 5, 2012

Quilt Batting and Polyester Stuffing for Scenery

Quilt batting and polyester fiber uses outside of bedding and crafts
 Here is an informative chat that should shed light  for customers with the same  quesry
10:33:02)  Visitor Hi
(10:33:09)  Customer Service yes, I am in New Brunswick looking for some information
(10:33:24)  Customer Service Hello  Maritimes, How can we help you
(10:33:56)  Visitor I am looking for pillow stuffing that will look like clouds for our Vacation Bible School theme this year any suggestions?
(10:34:34)  Customer Service Pillow stuffing will work, you can also use quilt batting . We have many customers using either or both..
(10:35:18)  Visitor I need quite a bit for our stage is one easier to work with than the other
(10:36:08)  Customer Service The local Santa Claus parade buys the quilt batting for their floats, some stores who decorate their windows buy the stuffing, I wish I could give you a better answer and more direction.
(10:37:52)  Visitor So is the Bulk Polyester Stuffing 15 lbs the one that I should get
(10:38:23)  Customer Service depends on how much you want to cover.15 pound is quite a bit. You could cover 400 Square feet easily
(10:39:07)  Visitor I need a lot using it in several different rooms
(10:39:32)  Customer Service I wish i could tell you more
(10:40:10)  Customer Service It spreads nicely and gives a clean look
(10:40:32)  Visitor I will order 15 lbs for now and 10 queen quilt batts I need more I will re order.Do you take credit cards.
(10:41:11)  Customer Service Yes , and paypal and interac and company or  your church's check. Please call us if you want  to give us a credit card rather than in this chat.
(10:42:48)  Visitor ;you have been very helpful, thank you
(10:43:29)  Customer Service A pleasure please tell  other organizations about us, that's all we ask